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GerryChain is a library for using Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods to study the problem of political redistricting. Development of the library began during the 2018 Voting Rights Data Institute (VRDI).

The project is in active development in the mggg/GerryChain GitHub repository, where bug reports and feature requests, as well as contributions, are welcome.


Using pip

To install GerryChain from PyPI, run pip install gerrychain from the command line.

This approach often fails due to compatibility issues between our different Python GIS dependencies, like geopandas, pyproj, fiona, and shapely. For this reason, we recommend installing from conda-forge for most users.

We also highly recommend the resources prepared by Daryl R. DeFord of MGGG for the 2019 MIT IAP course Computational Approaches for Political Redistricting.