Source code for gerrychain.constraints.validity

from ..updaters import CountySplit
from .bounds import Bounds
import numpy

[docs]class Validator: """A single callable for checking that a partition passes a collection of constraints. Intended to be passed as the ``is_valid`` parameter when instantiating :class:`~gerrychain.MarkovChain`. This class is meant to be called as a function after instantiation; its return is ``True`` if all validators pass, and ``False`` if any one fails. Example usage:: is_valid = Validator([constraint1, constraint2, constraint3]) chain = MarkovChain(proposal, is_valid, accept, initial_state, total_steps) """ def __init__(self, constraints): """ :param constraints: List of validator functions that will check partitions. """ self.constraints = constraints def __call__(self, partition): """Determine if the given partition is valid. :param partition: :class:`Partition` class to check. """ # check each constraint function and fail when a constraint test fails for constraint in self.constraints: is_valid = constraint(partition) # Coerce NumPy booleans if isinstance(is_valid, numpy.bool_): is_valid = bool(is_valid) if is_valid is False: return False elif is_valid is True: pass else: raise TypeError( "Constraint {} returned a non-boolean.".format(repr(constraint)) ) # all constraints are satisfied return True
[docs]def within_percent_of_ideal_population( initial_partition, percent=0.01, pop_key="population" ): """Require that all districts are within a certain percent of "ideal" (i.e., uniform) population. Ideal population is defined as "total population / number of districts." :param initial_partition: Starting partition from which to compute district information. :param percent: (optional) Allowed percentage deviation. Default is 1%. :param pop_key: (optional) The name of the population :class:`Tally <gerrychain.updaters.Tally>`. Default is ``"population"``. :return: A :class:`.Bounds` constraint on the population attribute identified by ``pop_key``. """ def population(partition): return partition[pop_key].values() number_of_districts = len(initial_partition[pop_key].keys()) total_population = sum(initial_partition[pop_key].values()) ideal_population = total_population / number_of_districts bounds = ((1 - percent) * ideal_population, (1 + percent) * ideal_population) return Bounds(population, bounds=bounds)
def deviation_from_ideal(partition, attribute="population"): """Computes the deviation of the given ``attribute`` from exact equality among parts of the partition. Usually ``attribute`` is the population, and this function is used to compute how far a districting plan is from exact population equality. By "deviation" we mean ``(actual_value - ideal)/ideal`` (not the absolute value). :param partition: A partition. :param attribute: (optional) The :class:`Tally <gerrychain.updaters.Tally>` to compute deviation for. Default is ``"population"``. :return: dictionary from parts to their deviation """ number_of_districts = len(partition[attribute].keys()) total = sum(partition[attribute].values()) ideal = total / number_of_districts return { part: (value - ideal) / ideal for part, value in partition[attribute].items() }
[docs]def districts_within_tolerance(partition, attribute_name="population", percentage=0.1): """Check if all districts are within a certain percentage of the "smallest" district, as defined by the given attribute. :param partition: partition class instance :param attrName: string that is the name of an updater in partition :param percentage: what percent difference is allowed :return: whether the districts are within specified tolerance :rtype: bool """ if percentage >= 1: percentage *= 0.01 values = partition[attribute_name].values() max_difference = max(values) - min(values) within_tolerance = max_difference <= percentage * min(values) return within_tolerance
[docs]def refuse_new_splits(partition_county_field): """Refuse all proposals that split a county that was previous unsplit. :param partition_county_field: Name of field for county information generated by :func:`.county_splits`. """ def _refuse_new_splits(partition): for county_info in partition[partition_county_field].values(): if county_info.split == CountySplit.NEW_SPLIT: return False return True return _refuse_new_splits
[docs]def no_vanishing_districts(partition): """Require that no districts be completely consumed.""" if not partition.parent: return True return all(len(part) > 0 for part in